About InstantCard

Turn your articles into Instagram posts

What is InstantCard?

InstantCard is an easy-to-use image generator that turns your articles into Instagram posts.

Who is it for?

InstantCard is for all individuals and businesses with a social media presence in need of support creating graphics and posts for their accounts. Our tool is a simple solution that will save social media managers, influencers and everyday users a lot of time and energy.

How does it work?

InstantCard scrapes your article for its Open Graph metadata. We grab its picture and its headline and turn it into an image you can post on Instagram. Once you've created the initial image, you can tweak it to suit your style.

Do you have a browser extension?

We do! You can install our Chrome extension from here. The extension can be used while you're browsing an article to generate a card with that article's URL. Simply install the extension, navigate to an article and click the icon.

Can I create images to post on platforms other than Instagram?

Yep. Although this was developed for use on Instagram, the image you download can be posted anywhere.

My profile picture isn't showing correctly. What does that mean?

You may have entered your username incorrectly – double check your username and make sure it's entered correctly in Settings.

I've found a bug. What do I do?

Suggest a change on our Kampsite page. We'll make sure we update you when we have started work on a fix, or contact you for more info to make sure we get things right.

Do you intend to improve InstantCard?

Of course. If you want to read about the new features and bug fixes we're releasing, you can visit our release notes page, and if you have an idea for a way we could improve InstantCard, then you can also use our Kampsite page to suggest a new feature.

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